Thursday, April 10, 2008

Congratulations to all Tanzanians

I, as a Tanzanian am proud to have achieved another milestone...The Tanzanian Shilling is now equal to more than 1,200 to 1 US$!!!!
Congratulations to all of us Tanzanians for:
1) Using Chinese toilet paper rather than Rexa or Tanpack...
2) Buying ice cream made in Kenya or South Africa rather than Azam (I agree Ole is not good!!!)
3) Using Omo rather than Foma
4) Eating Heinz baked beans rather than Dabaga or Red gold
5) For using Shoprite as your favourite shopping destination since "expired" South African goods are better than Tanzanian products
6) For using Anchor butter/cheese on your bread rather than ASAS or Serengeti
7) For using Colgate and Close up as they make your teeth brighter rather than Whitedent
8) For drinking Heineken and Red Bull rather than a good old Kili....its a matter of image in it! (Mhabeshi upo hapo?)
9) For drinking St.Anne and Overmeer than Dodoma wine(Mama naihii yako hiyo!)
10) For using Farmer's choice sausages than Beef Vienna from Arusha
11) For using Kangaroo matches than KIBO match .....and the list goes on....
Come on guys wake up....Its time for a change......BE TANZANIAN BUY TANZANIAN.... And a request to the expatriate community...especially South Africans...please change your mind set and help Tanzania grow by supporting local products...
Source: Wanazuoni yahoogroup


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