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Je hii ni ulevi wa madaraka au wendawazimu wa kawaida tu? Ni utafiti gani uliomwongoza bwana mkubwa huyu kuwa hiyo ndiyo njia bora ya kukomesha mimba? Je chanzo cha hali hiyo ni kipi?  Adhabu kwa mabinti hawa itakuwaje? Viboko kwenye makalio? kifungo jela au faini? Tatizo lipo na ni baya, lakini halitakwisha kwa majibu mepesi ya kufurahisha genge kama anayotoa bwamkubwa kandoro!!!

RC orders arrest, trial of pregnant schoolgirls

By The guardian reporter

1st November 2011
Mbeya Regional Commissioner Abbas KandoroMbeya Regional Commissioner Abbas Kandoro has ordered that girl students who will become pregnant should also be arrested and charged in a court of law.

Kandoro issued the order when he visited Bujomde Secondary School in Kyela district to launch three science laboratories constructed at the school with funds from the Tanzania Social Action Fund and people's contributions.

The order wa prompted by the RC's dismay upon hearing a report from the school's headmaster that the school was facing a big problem of students dropping out of school due to pregnancy.

According to the report, five students dropped from school last year due to pregnancy and already this year two form one girls had met the same fate.

Kandoro inquired whether there was anyone who had been taken to court due to pregnancy, and he was told that there was none.

"I think the practice of arresting only those who make girls pregnant is not enough, we now need to also arrest those who get pregnant, we'll only leave out someone who was raped, not someone who did it voluntarily," said the RC.

He instructed all district authorities in the region to draft a by-law to make it possible to arrest schoolgirls who become pregnant.

"We want to put an end to this trend, and the girls must cooperate and name those who have impregnated them," said Kandoro.

Kandoro further sternly warned parents, guardians and teachers who protect those who impregnate schoolgirls, saying they too would be taken to court.

Kandoro was on a three-day tour of Kyela and Ileje districts for the purpose of introducing himself to the people after he was recently appointed Mbeya regional commissioner by President Jakaya Kikwete.



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