Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ugandan Pastor selling "Holy Rice"

Gone are the days when people would seek for blessings, prayers, counselling etc as some of the free services that the church provided. Church goods and services have been monetized and as long as they are branded; "holy" this, " Miraculous" that...the followers get determined to obtain it.

From selling holy water, holy handkerchiefs, holy pens etc; Pastor Kakande of the Synagogue church in Uganda recently innovated "holy rice" for his flock  and he emphasizes that whoever uses it shall be blessed and receive whatever he/she is yearning for in life

Pastor Kakande’s Holy Rice

Prophet Samuel Kakande of the Synagogue Church of Nations at Mulago is not new to controversy and recently, the Prophet introduced Holy Rice that  has spiked too much attention.

This is not the first time the Prophet is selling Holy merchandise. At his Church, he sells holy handkerchiefs, holy pens, holy water among other things.

He is among the pastor’s in Uganda that have been criticized for so long as some call him a fake pastor,

Kakande is  closely acquainted to  Nigerian  Pastor TB Joshua who is also no stranger to many controversies with his recent prophecy of Hilary Clinton being the winner of the US President elections where she lost.

According to the Prophet, his rice is holy and offers miracles to whoever buys it and takes it as a meal.

“Believers should sprinkle some of the holy rice in their normal rice to release blessings.” Prophet told his flock during their weekly service.

This has raised a lot of controversy within the public ragging war against him on  social media  since he is allegedly selling it for Shs50, 000 compared to the market price of ‘ordinary’ rice which is Shs 3, 000.

His congregation is  believed to be able to get miracles through hankies, ‘holy water and now holy rice the most beneficiaries to this new development are the young people looking for jobs,spouses,wealth and favor in Uganda.


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