Sunday, November 8, 2009

KABAKA MUTEBI OF BUGANDA - A remnant of African great civilisations and political sophistication?

Ssabasajja Kabaka Mutebi addressing his people at Mityana recently (end of October 2009)

"We salute you our Kabaka Ssabasajja Mutebi" might have been the words from Baganda who gathered to honour their leader as he left the Singo County headquaters at Mityana

Obssessed Baganda who flooded the streets of Mityana and had to wait for long hours to see their leader; on 24th October, 2009.
Kabaka Mutebi is reputed amaong the Baganda of Uganda to be an exemplary leader who defends the interests of his people. He is at the heart of opposition aginst land grabbing by H. E Yoweri Museveni's central government.

Photos: Kind courtesy of Jude Kizimula and Mary N. Nsereko


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